Snow 10.30.20

First snow of the season, a good month away from the start of Winter. We expected a frost and harvested our garden the day before. We were caught off gaurd, myself a bit grumpily, by the snow. We took a short walk around the northern edge of Spot Pond in the Middlesex Fells.

Fewer birds out today with the weather. The mallards we saw were easily spooked. The cormorants were doing their usual thing, though these guys might be continuing their southern migration soon.

Looking forward to understanding lichen better. Such a weird combination of organisms.

Miscellaneous. I did enjoy working on the frozen droplet shot. Will have plenty more opportunities to try variations.

Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference 2020

Starting Wednesday and continuing through Sunday I will be attending (virtually) the Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference. Five days of various discussions, classes, and virtual field trips related to the intersection of art and nature.

I have been exploring Nature Journaling over the last couple of months.
Getting outside into the woods and challenging oneself to focus on a particular landscape or organism. I have been lucky to have a fiance who encourages us to get out into the woods whenever possible. Double lucky that we live a couple miles from The Fells Reservation. Has provided ample opportunity to explore nature not in passing but in a deeper more intentional manner.

The goal of nature journaling is not to gather a notebook full of pretty pictures. If this was the goal I would not be a candidate to get started. The goal is to record our observations of the natural world, whether this be a coniferous mountain top or a spider building her web in the basement.

There was a raffle, in order to enter the raffle we had to sketch something around the house and post it on the group facebook… so I present to you… a tomato that has been ripening on the window sil.

Admittedly not the prettiest of pictures. Much to be desired about the composition as well. Neither of these are the central point of the exercise. The point is to get information on the page. What has one noticed, what questions does one get from these observations? In a year from now, I will draw the tomato differently, notice other features, and have more questions.

I’m looking forward to getting better at portraying depth in my subjects. This tomato has really interesting edges, feels similar to the edges i’m getting on the peppers that we are growing on our porch.

Walk in the Fells October 1, 2020

Short afternoon visit to Middlesex Fells Reservation. Lovely weather to be outside among the trees. I have found myself rather reliant on auto focus of late, not the best thing when shooting birds jumping through foliage.

The woodpeckers are either Downy (Picoides pubescens) or Hairy (Picoides villosus) Woodpeckers. According to The Sibley Guide to Birds, the key differences are size and habitat. Downy woodpeckers are quite small with a stout bill. The Hairy Woodpecker is large and prefers mature woods. I do not believe the area around the reservoir qualify as mature woods. Keeping these things in mind, I am leaning toward the Downy identification.