I’m going to fail at this. I know this. If you know me, you know this as well. I am not a doer. Producing is not my shtick. I am a thinker, an analyzer, a critiquer of the established. Show me a wall, i’ll find the cracks; Give me a platform, and i’ll tear it to shreds; give me reasons to, i’ll give you all the reasons not to.

While this contrarian perspective has given me no small amount of joy over the years, looking back I wonder if much of that time was wasted. What have I made? What have I written? What have I created? 

So I will be endeavoring to create this year. I’ll explore the areas of my life that upon examination have been found lacking. I want to try my hand at building, making crappy art, writing horrid trashy short stories, and belting out songs off key.  And I don’t want to stop when I fail, as surely I will. I want to push through the faillure at these aspects of my life I have parcelled off as “not who I am”

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