I should have something to say, right? I can’t imagine anyone reading this. Hey, mom!

A month has gone by full of adventure. Not a minute of boredom.

We moved into an apartment in Malden. Lovely 1920s victorian, plenty of room. No AC.

I mention this last bit because apparently, despite all the “Are you ready for climate change” signs no one carries box fans year round in this part. The customer service departments of the area Lowes and Home Depots were befuddled by the request. Finally found one at a Target half an hour away, a single precious unit. Later we found someone in the community with a window unit. Just a few creature comforts us south/midwest’erners.

Moving a second time did give me the opportunity to examine how many books I had accumulated since moving north of the mason-dixie line. They all fit into a small bankers box. This next month we will see if the restraint was due to a lack of space in the old digs or something to a change in air pressure or something.

I’ve become skilled at fishmonging. Weird for a kid that disliked the cleaning of fish before a fry at grandma’s. I am not the best at monging, but certainly not the worst. And what is more, I still have all my fingers. Not to say there haven’t been close calls. The entire species of Spanish Makerel (Scomberomorus maculatus) seems to have it out for me.