I started this “blog” a year ago today knowing 2018 was going to be one of challenges and adventure. The beginning of 2018 I found myself no longer a librarian and throwing caution to the wind, rolled some dice, packed the car, and moved to Lowell, Massachussets. I did so because maintaining a relationship over 1,000 miles is something suited for some other personality type than either of us possesses.

Lex sewing, watching West Wing, and holding a can of beans.
Lex sewing, watching West Wing, and holding a can of beans.

We have since moved to Malden, Massachusetts. A bit closer to Boston, we can now go into the city for an afternoon without too bad of a commute. I’m still not used to the scale here, everything is so densely packed together. I could walk from one side of Malden to the other in under an hour and yet according to residents there is a distinct west-east divide.

I enjoy the home we have built here. We live in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of the transit line, the library, an amazing ice cream shop that sells ‘Bannana Buckets’ *

I say all this having only experienced one “baby” snow… this snow would have had folks back in Montgomery declaring Martial Law. I have committed to living here as evidenced by my purchase of a snow shovel that I will be using sometime in the next couple of months to DIG OUT MY CAR WITH…. love guys, it is a beautiful and wonderous thing for which I am eternally grateful to be afflicted with. The cost of snow is well worth the warm home Lex and I share.

This place though… there is a library, museum, park every couple of miles. I can get on the green line and crash BU’s theology library for an afternoon. There are public places that are filled with the public. As an introvert I do have to pace myself, but there is so much to see and do here.

I am excited continue to explore this great place and our lives together in it in the coming year.

*think Bananna Split but bigger.

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